There’s no getting around it.

Going on a seventeen week cruise isn’t something I thought I’d be doing at this point in my life. But there we are, it’s paid-for now, and there’s no getting away from it. Jan 5th 2019 I get on a big boat and fuck off for a bit. Well, more than a bit. I’ll be posting here, if you’re interested. It’s all going to be super-weird, but also hopefully a bit fun too.


Well, will you look at that? It was fun! Maybe you’d like to use some of these handy links (or the menu over to the right) to jump to the bits you’re interested in, but I’d recommend ploughing through it from start to finish. There are a few fairly-dismal running-jokes that you probably won’t find remotely funny, but it’d save you from scratching your head at them at the very least. See how thoughtful I am?

KickoffLookaround The ShipHow It All WorksAmsterdam to ArubaPanama Canal to AcapulcoOnboard EntertainmentFrench PolynesiaNZ Part OneNZ Part TwoAustralia Part OneAustralia Part Two + PNGOnboard AnticsJapanChina Part OneChina Part TwoSE Asia Part OneSE Asia Part TwoIndiaMiddle EastIsrael & Europe

One thought on “There’s no getting around it.

  1. Frank Lee Mystifying: will that be your travelling wordsmith pseudonym? It’s how we’ve always thought of you, so why not.

    As for putting yourself on a ship for 4 months without trying an overnight ferry first… well it’ll be all kinds of adventure, won’t it? As long as you have your trustworthy deck companion (that’s L) and a pocketful of ginger nuts (biscuits, that is), I’ll wager it’ll be a grand voyage!

    Just remember the old saying; “Worse things happen at sea!”

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