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Bruce channels his trademark intensity towards the latest great post from MostlyFilm

November 28, 2011

Wow. It really *is* Europe's Best Website!

As well he should. The good lads and lasses at MostlyFilm have seen fit to publish my latest musings, the subject being the 1983 BBC Sci-Fi season. Why not nip over and see what’s got Bruce so het up?


Right, let’s kick this off right smart dreamy-dreamy home-style.

August 4, 2011

Hey, I’m Ricky, occasional contributor to (Europe’s Best Website), amongst other things. My most recent article was on Gameshows of the Past, but there’s also been a little feature on Kevin G, a preview of S6 of Doctor Who, which Steven Moffat was a bit of a dick about, then a half-season round-up, of which he was even more of a dick about.

It’s a great site, full of interesting and unusual things, made by fun and not at all weird people, and you should go for a look around.